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Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, Washington, DC

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

The new 48,000 SF state-of-the-art adult education center hosts standard classrooms, kitchen classrooms, computer labs, offices, and a cafeteria.  The team demolished an old warehouse that was on site to construct the modern three story above-grade and one level below-grade building.  The stainless steel and wood lobby leads to a white and glass finished trophy atrium that spans the full height of the building.  The central feature of the atrium is the suspended pedestrian bridge connecting the administrative offices with the classrooms and kitchens located on the other side.  The school features four fully equipped commercial kitchens (including walk in freezers, gas ranges, fume hoods and ovens).  The third floor kitchen is attached to a floor-to-ceiling glass walled cafeteria and event space which has views of the Capitol.  This kitchen will be used as a vendor cooking space for students and guest chefs for service in the dining area.  The building is cast-in-place concrete to grade level with a structural steel frame above.  In keeping with the modern aesthetic, the building facade features a mixture of EIFS and glass curtainwall with exterior thin-set tiling.

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School is LEED® NC Gold certified.

Project Specifications


Community Capital Corporation


Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design


48,000 SF New Construction


Lump Sum


14 Months