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One of SIGAL's niche markets is the K-12 arena. In the past decade, we have delivered more than three million square feet of educational facilities for both public and private schools. These have included full-scale, occupied renovations and wholly new construction of schools. Special-use areas built for today's modern academic environment include natatoriums, athletic wings, black box theatres, and high-tech classrooms with state-of-the-art video and audio conferencing capabilities. All efforts on these projects require close interface and liaison with surrounding neighborhoods, school administrators, teachers, parents and students. In some unique instances, SIGAL can and has tailored its project management efforts to offer training through select youth programs, including but not limited to ACE Mentoring.

Representative Projects Location SF
Woodrow Wilson High School Washington, DC 400,000 SF
Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus Washington, DC 395,000 SF
Duke Ellington School of the Arts Washington, DC 295,000 SF
South County Middle School Fairfax, VA 176,000 SF
Louise A. Benton (Mid County) Middle School Manassas, VA 136,000 SF
Rose Hardy Middle School Washington, DC 116,000 SF
The Maret School and Athletic Fields Washington, DC 108,000 SF
Fannie W. Fitzgerald Elementary School (formerly Brightwood) Woodbridge, VA 106,000 SF
T. Clay Wood Elementary School Nokesville, VA 105,000 SF
Savoy Elementary School Washington, DC 100,000 SF
Kilby Elementary School Woodbridge, VA 98,500 SF
Discovery Elementary School Arlington, VA 98,000 SF
Edward Felegy Area Elementary School Hyattsville, MD 92,000 SF
Barnard Elementary School Washington, DC 86,000 SF
MPD First District Police Station at Bowen Elementary School Washington, DC 85,000 SF
Patterson Elementary School Washington, DC 81,000 SF
National Children's Center Savannah Facility Washington, DC 75,000 SF
Stenwood Elementary School Fairfax, VA 70,000 SF
Noyes Elementary School Washington, DC 66,000 SF
Ideal Academy Washington, DC 65,700 SF
Walkersville Elementary School Walkersville, MD 43,000 SF