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Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), Arlington, VA

Control Room with Redundant Power Systems
Control Room with Redundant Power Systems

This project entailed the construction of a command and control center for the project previously known as NMD (National Missile Defense).  Project features include communications, data, redundant power and both physical and electronic security.  Construction of the core areas included restrooms, electrical rooms, telephone rooms, mechanical rooms, and common areas.  Special SCIF areas were constructed, as well as the MIC (Missile Information Command), the VTC (Video-Teleconferencing Center), the ACC (Access Control Center), and the Director's Suite including DSCR (Director's Secure Conference Room).  Tenant areas were completely built-out: new offices, support areas, pantries, copy rooms, and conference rooms.  Finishes included carpeting, resilient flooring, paint, wall covering, glass, ceiling systems, and millwork.

Project Specifications


US Department of Defense


HEERY International


370,000 SF Occupied Renovation


Source Selection


14 Months