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Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus, Washington, DC

Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus
Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus

The school, located at 1200 Clifton St NW, is an important historic landmark in the neighborhood and city - it was placed on the DC Inventory of Historic Sites in 1991 and the National Register of Historic Places in 1993 to ensure future improvements were done within its historic context.  The building now features a high school, a middle school, the Cardozo Construction Academy and other trade schools, administrative spaces, a media lab, sports facilities with associated support areas, and a daycare and playground for small children.

Cardozo's modernization included a full upgrade of the building's interior, exterior, and automation systems.  It uses high tech fixtures and furnishings to meet state-of-the-art technical and educational standards.  Preservation efforts reused as much of the existing materials and structure of the building as possible.  Wood floors and tile throughout the building were restored and reused, as were the original seats in the school theater.  The theater was upgraded to a full fly stage and is fully equipped with light, sound and a new control room.  Other improvements included universal wireless access, new security and telecommunications systems and the enclosure of the two courtyards with glass roofs to create expansive open atriums flooded with natural light and filled with plants in the middle of the school.  Built partially into a hill and partially below-grade is a new 42,000 SF sports facility.  It features classrooms, a fitness center, retractable bleachers, and a regulation size basketball court with equipment allowing for flexible use of the gym.  Additionally, the original pool was restored along with its associated locker rooms.  

Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus is LEED® Schools Gold certified.

Awards Won:
DC Preservation League Award for Excellence - Historic Preservation Review Board Chair's Award
NAIOP DC|MD Award of Excellence
Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Awards (Two Trades) 

Project Specifications


DC Department of General Services


Hartman-Cox Architects/Grimm+Parker Architects


395,000 SF Renovation/New Construction
LEED® Schools Gold




12 Months